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Sushi Ninja Tips and Etiquette

  • You can use the sushi plates as your soy sauce plate.
  • Go easy on the wasabi and soy and enjoy the sushi’s flavours.
  • The pickled ginger is a great palate cleanser.
  • You can use your fingers to eat.
  • Don’t know what sushi is what? Ask our staff/chefs or look at our picture menu.
  • Can’t find what you want on the belt? Ask our chefs directly and they can make it up.


  • No Returns: Please remove the whole plate from the conveyor belt. Do not remove food of the plate instead remove the whole plate and do not return them to the belt.
  • Stack Your Plates: Best to stack as you eat. The plastic lids can also be stacked. This prevents the plates taking up too much room on the counter.
  • Belt: Please don’t touch the belt. Keep children away from the belt to prevent injury.
  • Condiments: Soy sauce, wasabi & ginger are to be used sparingly or they will overpower the flavours of the sushi.
  • Palate Cleanser: The pickled ginger is a palate cleaner so enjoy between flavours.
  • Time Limit: Everybody loves Sushi Ninja, so we appreciate you allowing others to take your place quickly when you have enjoyed your meal and Sushi Ninja is busy.