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New Plymouth’s First Sushi Train is ‘Tasty’


RESTAURANT REVIEW: I’m all about trying something new, but when you know you don’t like something, and convince yourself it will taste different because it’s on a conveyor belt coming toward you, you’re in for a bad time.

Don’t let that stop you from grabbing a plate of the unknown from New Plymouth’s first ‘sushi train’, the Sushi Ninja Express in Centre City. I tried Tobbiko Gunkan (flying fish eggs), Eel Nigri and Renkon (lotus) Chips – three things I had never eaten before – and I would happily eat them again.

However, something I knew I didn’t like, and made the mistake of confirming for a second time that I didn’t like it, was Uni Gunkan – or Kina.

I guess that’s what you get for asking owner Ken Kurota for the weirdest items on the menu.

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UPDATE: Our sushi train has now been moved to our restaurant (available for lunch) located at 89 Devon Street East, New Plymouth.